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Find out about all the hot gossip on ES Collection and Addicted!

ES Collection & Addictcted lines, direct from Barcelona is one of the hottest trends in men’s clothing.

ES Collection & Addicted is creating quite a stir among men, designers, and fashion know-it-alls.

Both collection has only been available in Spain, but now is available in Australia & New Zealand and is quickly being snapped up.

Both label is based in Barcelona, where the collection are made. Each year, the unveiling of the new ES Collection & Addicted lines is a major event.

Mostly, only those lucky enough to travel to Barcelona have been able to get their hands on the ES Collection items but now we have it righ here in Australia and we ship from our Melbourne dispatch centre.

The main advantage of ES Collection & Addicted lines is that every item in the collection is designed to fit you.

Each item is made with great colors choice, clean lines, and innovative styles. If you want something that looks and feels great,ES Collection & Addicted is a great choice.

Very close attention is paid to fit as well, so you know that the both collection makes ALL of you look its best.

Ideal construction make every piece fromboth collection a true art and craftsmanship.

If you’re tired of putting the same lame styles on your behind, treat your butt to something better with ES Collection & Addicted. by EUROSELECTION by EUROSELECTION 















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